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Delivering Proven, Personalized Results.


A Recruiting Service that delivers results.

We found a better way match qualified candidates with right-fit employers. We do this through personal interaction and open communication, taking the time and the effort to represent your organization properly and professionally.


We believe the recruiting experience needs to be better for everyone involved. Hiring shouldn't be a painful and stressful ordeal for employers, and the candidate experience shouldn't be unpleasant, frustrating, or harsh. Simply doing the right thing for clients and candidates will unequivocally produce the right results.


We deliver proven, successful results recruiting for the following roles:

  • Attorney & Paralegal Professionals

  • Accountant, Auditor & CPA Professionals

  • Managerial/Executive Professionals

Success begins and ends with personalizing the recruitment process.


Personal Service.

Personal Recruiting.


That's SCG Recruiting.

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