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3 Ways Recruiters Bring Value to Hiring

In today's job market, HR teams have taken on a greater role in employee well-being, goals development, and problem-solving. Hiring managers are plagued with retention challenges and skills development of their staff. So who does this leave the very important task of sourcing, evaluating, and hiring workers to? Recruiters, the often overlooked partner.

These are the 3 ways recruiters bring a tremendous amount of value when the need to hire presents itself.

1. Industry knowledge

Recruiters accumulate an immense amount of industry knowledge as they consistently work with various business and industry leaders, speak with job seekers, engage with hiring managers and HR teams, and familiarize themselves with the trends of in demand skills, salary ranges, job details, etc. They understand the job market, what candidates want, and what’s truly behind the skills, experience, and accomplishments listed on their resumes. Likewise, they also know whether you are asking for overqualified candidates, under or over paying on salary, and how to look at non-traditional candidates in a different light. This knowledge cannot be gained overnight or when hiring for the first time.

2. Trusted Advisor

Leveraging all the experience, insight and intel on the candidates and job market in various industries takes years to hone. Given how quickly the market can change, recruiters can rapidly pivot and adapt, whereas folks mired in their day jobs trying to simultaneously hire typically don’t (or can’t). Do you risk your time finding and hiring candidates based on what you think at the moment, or do you use a professional to ensure the right fit candidate, in a timely fashion, often with a guarantee period? To do this, you need to have honest intake meetings, value a recruiter’s feedback and suggestions, and lean on their expertise to guide you and help you achieve the ultimate goal: a quality hire.

3. Relationships

The recruiting industry is centered on one thing: relationships. Recruiters have relationships with hiring managers, HR teams and industry experts. Recruiters also have relationships with job seekers and candidates they’ve placed in the past. These relationships continue to build and enhance a recruiters’ network, so finding candidates becomes more accurate, and less timely. Relationships don’t happen overnight, and the cost of those relationships and success is the fee charged by the recruiter. Recruiters at times are bypassed due to their fee, but it would be wise to consider how the timeliness, accuracy and longevity of a candidate brought to you by a recruiter works out (ie, increases revenue, decreases loss, reduces workload on existing employees, etc.) truly costs compared to their fee. Most HR teams and hiring managers would agree that it’s a value well worth the cost.

Recruiters bring a tremendous amount of value to hiring organizations. Try it out, see what you think. It’s a win/win – no hire, no cost.

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