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3 Workplace Trends That Help Employers Compete for Talent

The 2023 job market has taken the baton from 2022 and is running like the wind. It’s following a pattern of monthly unemployment lows that equates to 1.7 jobs for every 1 available worker. It follows, and corrects to some degree, the Great Resignation (and the Great Regret!), and finds itself immersed in Quiet Quitting, Quiet Hiring, and inflation-driven salary requirements. This it quite a lot for employers to deal with, so how do you stay ahead of the game and be more attractive to job seekers? Adopt these 3 workplace trends.

Here are 3 workplace trends that help employers compete for job seekers:

1. Remote/Hybrid Work Options

This is truly a no-brainer. Survey after survey shows that job seekers want remote or hybrid work options. This has nothing to do with hiding or slacking off, but balancing work and home priorities. For example, the ability to attend a child’s school event mid-day and make up for it after hours is something that goes a long way with job seekers (and existing employees). Additionally, cutting down commuting time has shown to increase work hours and happily keeps a little more money in your employee’s pockets, a win-win.

2. Pay Transparency

This trend is growing company by company, state by state, and it’s not going away. While this may cause some concern and extra work for employers initially, here’s the good news: nearly 90% of job seekers recently surveyed stated they want to know the salary up front, and 85% of workers said they are more likely to apply to a job that shows the salary range than those that don’t. Don’t miss out on active job seekers by failing to do this.

3. Give Applicants a Chance

Its been said that 80% of job skills can be taught on the job. With that in mind, and in today’s tight job market, give applicants a chance to show what they can do. Hiring with fewer years’ experience or fewer skills than necessary can give someone a chance to prove themselves, grow into the role (and grow with the company, i.e. longevity), and develop loyalty. Promote from within to show growth and salary increase opportunities, and look at skills and experience over education when possible. Providing opportunities will go a long way towards improving your hiring results.

Hiring and managing staffing issues is the bane of every employer, however there are ways to mitigate the pain, and these 3 trends are just a few that can help.

Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!

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