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Better To Recruit Now vs. Later (Trust Me!)

Updated: Mar 15

Recruiting for candidates now (when you're “too busy” or “not busy enough”) vs. later (when you “have more time”) can depend on several factors, such as budget, workload, or the actual desire to do it. The truth is that there really isn’t a “better” time to hire, and that is why recruiting now vs. later might be the right move for your organization.

Here are 3 reasons why:


1. Immediate Needs

You may have urgent positions to fill due to project deadlines, unexpected departures, or increased workload. Recruiting now ensures that the necessary talent is onboarded quickly to maintain productivity and momentum, while avoiding staff burnout.

2. Candidate Availability

There might be qualified candidates available now who may not be available later. Waiting until the need for specific candidates arises might put you in a fight with your competitors for the same candidates, which often comes down to perks (i.e., who’s offering hybrid schedules, highest pay, more PTO, etc.). Not the position you want to be in.

3. Seasonal Demands

Certain industries or businesses may experience seasonal fluctuations in demand. Recruiting ahead of peak seasons ensures that the workforce is adequately staffed to meet customer needs and capitalize on revenue opportunities.


Although there can be valid reasons for delaying recruitment, such as financial constraints or market conditions, the decision to recruit now vs. later tends to accommodate a business’s current needs, resources, and long-term goals in a much better, more efficient manner. If you could use help, SCG Recruiting can take some of the work off your plate and recruit the top candidates you need to continue being successful.


Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!

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