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Employer Brand Success in 5 Steps

Whether you are actively hiring (or planning to), your employer brand speaks volumes about your organization. Crafted correctly, your employer brand can help land the right talent, while creating a deep sense of loyalty for the organization within your existing employee base.

With everything going on in today’s wild job market, your employer brand is more important than ever before. It is critical to have a clear, concise message about what your organization stands for, how it’s positioned (economically, environmentally, and socially), and a positive social media reputation. These have become the first check points that today’s job seekers use to learn about your business before even considering applying for your job openings.

When building and utilizing your employer brand, you want to:

1) Formulate

Formulate a message aligning your corporate brand with what is “so special” about working at your organization.

2) Engage

Engage with your current employees in ways that turn them into a social recruiting army, spreading all the good and positive news about the organization.

3) Integrate

Integrate the employer brand with your staff and management. Walking the walk and talking the talk will drive employee loyalty and increase their positive social media communications.

4) Pair

Pair your employer brand with the types of talent you want to reach and attract, then market that message non-stop through job postings and social media activity.

5) Develop

Develop metrics to track what is (and what isn’t) working for hiring and improving employee satisfaction and make corrections where needed.

Posting about your business, your employees, and your job openings together, helps reinforce the good social recruiting outcomes of a well assembled employer brand. Happy Hiring!

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