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The 2-Part Process of Staffing Your Business

The hiring of staff for your growing business is a complex, 2-part process that is both labor intensive and time consuming. The first part is the sourcing, or recruiting, of candidates that you would like to hire, and the second part is the hiring and onboarding of a selected candidate. Most hiring managers and business owners agree that staffing is their least favorite business activity, choosing to outsource the first part to recruiting agencies so they can focus solely on the second part.


Working with a recruiter alleviates the following tasks: sourcing a preliminary selection of candidates, engaging with those who express interest, marketing the opportunity and business in a way that aligns with candidates’ goals, reviewing each resume received, and finalizing a select list of candidates. Hiring managers and business owners can then focus on scheduling and hosting candidate interviews, selecting a final candidate, making (and negotiating) offers, and finally, hiring the right candidate. If at any point a candidate drops out of the process, declines your offer, changes their mind, or simply fails to show up on their start date, the entire process must start over again, resulting in a huge loss of time and money.


SCG Recruiting can help growing businesses with their staffing needs by offering industry knowledge, strong candidate connections, and a reasonable fee rate. Contact us to schedule a time to speak about how we can help.



Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!

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