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The Hiring Outlook for the Remainder of 2023

Whether you’re actively hiring, planning to hire, or find yourself unexpectedly having to backfill a position, the hiring outlook for the remainder of 2023 looks to be just as chaotic as the first half of the year. The larger firms will continue to reduce and restructure their workforce, while the small, medium and boutique firms will continue to struggle with attracting and hiring candidates – most of whom still have the upper hand in this job market (albeit less than before).

The main challenges that hiring employers will face throughout the remainder of 2023 are:

  • The demand for specific expertise exceeding the supply, leading to intense competition among employers.

  • The labor market experiencing a significant shift as the baby boomer generation retires, leading to a growing need to fill critical positions, especially in leadership roles.

  • The demand for remote and hybrid settings providing more opportunities to work for employers in any city or state, creating better career prospects and more competitive compensation packages.

  • The Millennials and Gen Z workforce prioritizing factors like work-life balance, career development, purpose-driven work, and a positive company culture (and not settling for less!)

To face these challenges, employers first need to adapt their strategies to meet these expectations as best they can. Second, they need to learn how to properly sell their job openings to candidates.

This second part is where SCG Recruiting can help. By properly selling your job openings to expertly sourced candidates, we not only find the candidates, but we also help them choose your jobs over those of your competitors.

Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!

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