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Unemployed During the Holidays

Although there is no “perfect time” to be unemployed, being out of work during the holiday season is especially tough. It’s the most festive – and expensive – time of the year, and the anxiety and shock of being fired or laid off can be devastating in the face of all that December represents.


However, all is not lost. Career and Job Search experts recommend you take the time you need to collect yourself, accept what has happened, then make a plan for beginning your job search. Believe me, it sounds tough, but it’s doable, and I know this firsthand: I’ve been laid off twice in my career, both times in December, and it absolutely sucks.


Though hiring slows down around this time of year, proactive employers still recruit, interview and hire ahead of the New Year’s rush to attract top talent before they’re gone. This is where your plan comes to fruition: Refresh your resume with your most recent accomplishments, get yourself “interview ready” by practicing speaking points and how to answer typical interview questions in advance, and reach out to your professional network to see if they can aid you in the job search. Online job sites and recruiters can help as well.


Honestly, it may feel horrible right not, but you’ll get through this. Sunny days are ahead, I promise.


Best of Luck, and Happy Hunting!

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