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Employers Need to Decide on Candidates Quickly

Fallout from the chaos that is the post-pandemic job market, candidates now hold most (if not all) of the control when it comes to changing jobs. For the first time in history, job seekers have multiple job offers, are being presented with generous salary increases, offered remote and hybrid work options and given more work-life balance considerations than ever before. With all these positive choices and options, job seekers are making changes left and right, grabbing better paying and more flexible jobs, and not looking back.

While this is great news for job seekers, it’s wreaking havoc for employers. They are struggling to hire the workers they need, with no relief in sight. While competing salary offers and benefits continue to cause problems for some employers, the biggest problem might be timing…and they don’t even realize it.

Employers are still performing hiring tasks and processes as if they’re the ones in control. They are waiting far too long following interviews to make decisions on candidates, losing out on potential hires who are being presented with several offers at once, then angry the candidates are no longer available when they’ve finally decided. Gone are the days of candidates sitting around waiting to hear back from employers, and with 1.6 jobs for each 1 available worker, hesitation is the death knell of the hiring process.

Take it from a recruiter who’s seen this happen way too many times to count: Employers, post interview, you need to decide rather quickly if it’s a “Yes” or a “No” on each candidate. You can short list, call back for a second round, etc., but you must act quick. Candidates today have the shortest shelf life than ever before, and your hiring efforts will be spoiled by not deciding quickly on candidates.

Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!

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